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Working DTG HM1-C for sale: ONLY $1500!!!!
For sale, used DTG HM1-C. A steal for only $1500!!!!! 

Last day printed with was January 21, 2018. After a death in our family, we decided to close our shop. Knowing we would need to sell our equipment, we emptied the ink out of this machine and filled it with 50/50 distilled water and simple green. We've kept it in our house (in the living room). It is on and connected to the computer still. We run head cleanings on it every day to keep the print head alive. We have printed with it with the simple green in it. White layers and color layers print. So, all that is needed is to empty the simple green from the machine and add inks and begin doing ink charges to push ink through the lines and head cleanings to prime the machine. 

This machine has been a workhorse for us. With the simple daily maintenance, this machine has a lot of good years left to it.

In the $1500 included is: 
  • 2 adult size platens
  • 1 youth size platen
  • Enough inks of CMYK and White to get you started
  • Original Instruction Manuals.
  • Rip Pro V.04 (you will need to upgrade to V.06....we used a computer running on Windows 7 and they don't do activation codes anymore for version V.06 is $269 from iProof systems. Complete support is provided.)
  • Golf ball platen/jig
  • 1 liter of pre-treat
  • 1 Wagner power sprayer to pre-treat shirts
for more information please contact Colleen at: 815-440-0864  or

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